About the Creators

Estelle Jude Baste

Mira Simonton-Chao

Estelle is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, majoring in BCN on the Pre-Med track, and is intending to minor in A/PIA Studies and Art. Estelle is a Filipino immigrant who has grown up largely in America. She enjoys studying about biopsychological processes, and relating topics in race and ethics studies to her learning in order to learn how cognitive functions may diverge in different populations. In her–very rare–free time, you can find her cooking, binge-watching asian dramas, or in a random nook sleeping under a coat.

Mira is a sophomore at the University of Michigan College of LSA double-majoring in Arts and Ideas in the Humanities and American Culture (with an A/PIA studies sub-major) and minoring in Museum Studies. She is mixed, second-generation Chinese and grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan. She is passionate about building community through local agriculture and knitting balaclavas for her friends. When not in class, you can find her skateboarding, drinking matcha with oat milk, or working at Argus Farm Stop.

Lisa Ryou

Kayla Zhang

Lisa is a second generation Korean American. She is currently a sophomore at the University of Michigan studying History and planning an A/PIA and museum studies minor. Through her studies, she hopes to learn more about A/PIA history in the United States and to help others learn more too. In her free time, she can be found baking and sharing it with anyone around her.

Kayla is a sophomore at the University of Michigan studying Political Science and Sociology and planning to minor in A/PIA Studies and Business. She is a second-generation Chinese American from Los Angeles, California. In her research, Kayla enjoys learning about racial/ethnic politics, comparative governments, and gender studies and women’s health.